About the artist - Marcus Vinicius De Paula
Neon and Stone Sculpture by Marcus De Paula
sculpture, modern art, neon, neon sculpture, stone sculpture, alabaster, interior design, light sculpture, collectible design, resin sculpture, resin art, contemporary art, light and space
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About the artist

Marcus Vinícius has designed with light for over fifteen years across theater, film, and live performance


Marcus’ work evokes sci-fi symbolism and imagines relics from another world, inspired by the work of his father, a NASA engineer, who also instilled an obsession for precision and quality of craftsmanship.


Currently working in stone, glass, neon, and resin, Marcus’ signature lines of light throughout his works create an ethereal presence and warmth to their surroundings. His pieces engender a discussion of humanity’s own fragility and what might be left of our world.



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