This limited-edition fine art photography print of Titan shot in the Nevada desert captured with precision and presented on Epson Premium Luster Art Photo Paper. This exceptional print showcases the intricate details and textures of the sculpture.

The print is framed with a sleek and sophisticated 1.25" wide black frame, adding an elegant touch to the overall presentation. The frame beautifully complements the print's monochromatic tones, enhancing the artwork's visual appeal.

To ensure maximum protection and longevity, this print is framed with 99% UV-filtering acrylic. This protective layer prevents any potential damage from harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring that the print maintains its stunning quality for years to come.

This fine art print is a true masterpiece that will enhance any living or working space. It is a timeless piece of art that will delight and captivate viewers for generations to come. Bring the beauty of Titan into your home or office with this exceptional fine art photography print.

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Studio Marcus Vinicius De Paula

Titan at Dusk with Moon

Titan at Dusk with Moon

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