“Eos”, a site-specific public art work, was exhibited in DUMBO from October 5 to November 30th, 2024 as part of the Main Window series ongoing since 1980.

At 12ft tall, “Eos” evoked a portal reminiscent of iconic sci-fi gateways. With inner radiance and an obsidian facade, it was symbolizing my journey into a new life chapter.

Named after the Greek goddess Eos, the personification of dawn, “Eos” embodies the essence of a new beginning.

In the realm of science fiction, the triangle often emerges as a powerful symbol, especially in the context of portals. This simple geometric shape, known for its balance and stability, takes on a new dimension in sci-fi narratives.

Triangles in sci-fi portals are not just design elements; they are metaphors for gateways to unknown worlds and experiences. The three points of a triangle can represent a confluence of time, space, and dimension, converging to create pathways to alternate realities.

This symbolism resonates in my work, where the use of triangular forms is deliberate, seeking to evoke the sense of transcendence and the ethereal that is quintessential to sci-fi. The triangle, in its simplicity, becomes a beacon of the limitless potential of imagination and exploration.

In the case of “Eos” it also represented the perpetual cycle of endings and beginnings, much like the daily renewal brought by dawn. This piece invited viewers to reflect on their own life transitions, symbolizing the potential and optimism of new starts.