Ascophyllum Nodosum (Summer) on Paper

Limited-Edition Framed print

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Limited-edition framed photography print, numbered and signed by artist on reverse.Photo is printed on archival quality paper, framed with a modern and durable 1" wide metal black frame and covered with acrylic.

This resin pyramid was cast during the early pandemic as a material and color exploration. The resin used for these pieces is a common composite used in boat making, an accessible material given the boat yards on this stretch of coast.

I worked with chemists to identify potential pairings of the base resin and catalysts to be able to cast unusually thick cross-sections of the material. The tapering of the form allowed me to assess how the material cured as the section thickens, as well as a study of how the light and color behave with varying opacity.

I wanted the colors of the pieces to capture memorable elements of my surroundings. This color pigment was inspired by the the 4:30am summer sunrise in Rockport, Maine and the the soft golden color of seaweed along the coastline for which this piece is named.
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