Birthplace of Hematite Fe2O3

Limited-Edition Framed print

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Limited-edition framed photography print, numbered and signed by artist on reverse.

Photo is printed on archival quality paper, framed with a modern and durable 1" wide metal black frame and covered with acrylic.

During a two-month-long stay in the Capitol Reef National Park region of Southern Utah, I was consumed by the landscapes of dramatic rock formations that told a visceral story of the earth’s physical creation and transformation across eras.

The pronounced red hues of Navajo Sandstone formations were especially captivating as they felt almost Martian. The colors, resulting from iron oxide (the mineral hematite; a.k.a. rust) deposits dating back to the Early-Jurassic period, manifest themselves in everything from the pink sand dunes to the gradients of red and orange of solid sandstone formations. This pyramid reflects that otherworldly sentiment, and captures the full range of hues through the gradient of its tapering form.

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