Birthplace of Iapetus

Limited-Edition Framed print

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Limited-edition framed photography print, numbered and signed by artist on reverse.

Photo is printed on archival quality paper, framed with a modern and durable 1" wide metal black frame and covered with acrylic.


Leaving NY to be with family during COVID took me to the coast of Maine, away from the studio and resources to which I had grown accustomed. Quarantine further limited my access to easily-sculpted stone.

Maine is rich in granite though - I saw it all around me in the landscape. Granite, however, it is one of the hardest materials on earth.

While under lockdown, I tried to find a block to experiment with - I even called the local tombstone carver.

After finding a block at a local scrapyard, I spent the next 3 months trying and breaking every tool I had at my disposal. Only once I was able to get a hold of diamond-coated grinding discs and coring bores (meant for hardened and reinforced concrete) was I able to finally make progress.

It took another 3 months to craft the block into the finished piece and polish it to a mirror shine.

The finished piece reflects my celestial inspiration as much as it does watching businesses, families, and others in the time of this pandemic - facing that impenetrable block with resourcefulness, ingenuity, and sheer tenacity.

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