In the same week I completed this piece the Juno spacecraft gave us the closest look at Jupiter's moon IO as we've had in 20 years, revealing over 400 active volcanoes, the most of any body in our solar system. I couldn't help but see parallels between this work and IO.

Beyond the visual parallels the images also had me think about the tumult and renewal such volcanic activity creates, a story of time, the ever-changing nature of existence.

Travertine of which this work is made, is formed through the gradual layering of sediment in hot springs, also serving as a conduit through which we perceive time. Its pockets and layers are historical archives, capturing eras as chapters in a book.

In the sculpture "IO," I use this stone to form a portal, bridging the chasm between the terrestrial and the celestial, the past and the present.

It is an exploration of both positive and negative spaces, embodying the concept of duality that is ever-present in our universe. This sculpture is a three-dimensional interpretation of a tapering trapezoid, intersecting the geometry of its triangular void. A bisecting vertical plane of light cuts through this form, embodying the constant interplay between solidity and void, presence and absence.

"IO" is an invitation to contemplate not just the physicality of the sculpture, but also the metaphysical implications it holds. It is a journey through time, space, and form, urging the viewer to explore the depths of their perception and to connect with the cosmic narrative that binds us all.

In examining geometry in minimalist art and architecture I’ve observed how trapezoids with their slanted sides bring a sense of motion and depth.

In IO, I use the gentle taper to create a dynamic feel, elongate the form, and connect the work from the earth to the sky.

The inner triangle creates a contrast and balance. In the long vertical form it brings both stability and a sense of tension.

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Marcus De Paula Sculpture




Travertine and LED


6” x 8” x 27”

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